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The casting process is the first of the production processes in the technological manufacturing process of compressor production at Sanden. The SMP casting process challenges the widespread stereotype regarding foundries. At our facility, we value order, tidiness, quality and professionalism.  Approximately five million parts are produced annually on five fully automated production lines using the high-pressure aluminium casting method. Characteristic features of this casting technology are the particularly high speed and pressure which are not found in other casting technologies. These speeds reach up to 100 m/s, while pressures go up to 150 MPa. Machines and equipment used for manufacturing of elements in the Foundry Department are supplied by the world’s leading machine manufacturers of machines from Germany and Japan.  Fully automated processes taking into account 100% control of process parameters guarantee perfect quality of manufactured products. The knowledge and experience of this department’s personnel allow the implementation of innovative technologies such as “micro spraying” or “three-socket form”.